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Main Community News Vancouver Career College Prepares Students for Healthcare Industry’s Digital Revolution

Vancouver Career College Prepares Students for Healthcare Industry’s Digital Revolution

Friday, February 24, 2012

Healthcare students add digital technology to list of skills

Vancouver, BC - February 21, 2012 – Over the last few years, smartphones and tablets, such as Apple’s iPad, have become essential communication tools for Canadians. But what if the apps and video technology currently used to play games or watch YouTube videos on a smartphone or tablet can be used to help save lives?

Vancouver Career College is one of a handful of post-secondary institutions in the Lower Mainland to anticipate this trend towards a digital revolution in the healthcare field. The college, which offers 10 healthcare programs, launched iPads in the classroom last fall for incoming students. Pre-loaded with an interactive learning platform and e-textbook reading capabilities, the iPad is an all-in-one educational device for students. The Ottawa Hospital, which went digital last summer, has set an example for doctors and nurses who are now using iPads for conducting bedside checkups, displaying x-rays, and maintaining medical records. It won’t be long before other hospitals and healthcare facilities across Canada begin to catch up.

“Our healthcare students graduate with the most current technological skills,” says Randy Cox, President of Vancouver Career College. “On top of their academic accomplishments, they are equipped with the ability to adapt to new digital tools and platforms after having hands-on experience with technology in the classroom.”

The support from healthcare professionals, ranging from doctors to nurses to administration, is critical to the integration of technology in the workplace. Determining where smartphones and tablets fit in within a hospital or clinical setting, and training professionals on how to take advantage of these tools, is the next step.

“Our graduates bring value to the industry because they are already familiar with how to navigate new digital tools. They also understand the potential for major changes in how healthcare professionals will diagnose, treat, prescribe, and care for patients in the future,” says Dr. Bohdan Bilan, VP of Academics for Vancouver Career College.

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