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Main Community News Small Businesses Need Assistance With Accounts Receivable

Small Businesses Need Assistance With Accounts Receivable

Friday, April 20, 2012

About three quarters of Canadian small businesses have begun to recognize that efficient cash flow management can help improve their company’s success. A survey released by the American Express Small Business Monitor revealed that 50 percent of smaller businesses experienced cash-flow problems last year, and 82 percent of owners are taking steps to build up knowledge of their cash flow.

"Business owners understand the value of proper cash-flow management and are keen to play a more direct role in this area," stated Athena Varmazis, the Small Business Services Vice President of American Express Canada. "We're seeing that they realize success means having the foresight to strategically monitor patterns and implement tactics accordingly."

One area that small businesses arguably need of the most help with is accounts receivable. Business executives can expand their business administration management departments to help cut the amount of time it takes to manage their receivable accounts.

At Vancouver Career College, students can receive a valuable education that will help them enter the business and accounting fields.. To find out more information on the Accounting and Payroll Administration program, fill out the form on the right.

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