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Main Community News Best Medical Apps to Monitor Health

Best Medical Apps to Monitor Health

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Students aspiring to a career in healthcare understand the importance of taking care of themselves. From regular exercise to eating right, there are many elements that affect one's personal health. Many smartphone apps have been developed in order to keep track of some of the details that go into creating a healthy lifestyle, and these programs can be of service to up-and-coming professionals as well as individuals pursuing other careers.

With the total number of healthcare apps skyrocketing in recent years to more than 17,000, according to the Healthcare Information Management System Society, there are plenty of options for tech-savvy individuals who want to be a part of this new trend. Here are some of the best programs for Canadians trying to stay healthy:

Heart and Stroke Foundation's 30 Days
The Heart and Stroke Foundation recently released an app called 30 Days. This program tracks daily lifestyle choices of users based on their own input and then creates a profile highlighting the areas of potential risk.

Once the profile has been created and negative behaviors assessed, the app then provides a guide to breaking bad habits. The app's title "30 Days" comes from the challenge presented to users, as the program claims that following its advice for a lifestyle change can improve health and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in 30 days or less.

Users who participate in the challenge receive reminders, positive messages and social support straight to their device to aid in the process of changing their behavior. Not only can this free program put individuals on the path to good health, but it also provides tips and insight into the wide world of healthcare.

Sodium 101
Too much salt can be detrimental to personal well-being as well as efforts to lose weight and improve overall health, all while leading to high blood pressure and other issues. Sodium 101 helps users make informed decisions about food choices by listing more than 2,000 food items and their average sodium levels.

Created by the Canadian Stroke Network, the program also tracks daily sodium intake and can calculate the salt added to recipes and meals. Individuals interested in nutrition and healthy lifestyles will find this app extremely helpful when it comes to making good food choices.

Those who understand the importance of physical well-being and want to use their passion to help others should consider a career in healthcare. A good first step is to enroll in a program such as Medical Office Assistant, Medical Records Clerk or Medical Laboratory Assistant at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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