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Main Community News Housing Complex to Offer Addiction Services

Housing Complex to Offer Addiction Services

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A new facility in Vancouver is providing a safe haven for citizens battling mental health and addiction issues, reports 24 Hours Vancouver. The First Place complex is a supportive housing facility aimed at helping those who are mentally ill or suffering from substance abuse. It offers affordable housing with special services to battle addictions.

"Ultimately, we need to have more buildings beyond these," said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, as quoted by the news source. He also expressed a desire to continue working toward his goal of eliminating homelessness in the city by 2015, and hopes the government will focus on the goal no matter which party comes into power after next May's provincial election.

Homelessness and Substance Abuse
It is likely that whoever finds themselves in public office after the next election will continue to work for the cause. Homelessness is a large problem throughout Canada, and more than half of the country's homeless population is coping with mental illness or addiction, reports a nation-wide housing first research project. These are the first people helped by affordable housing complexes and other community services, making the construction and staffing of such facilities a priority.

According to Drug Rehab Services Canada, Vancouver has the highest rate of narcotics addiction in comparison to the rest of the country, with an estimated 12,000 intravenous drug users residing in the city. In an effort to combat these high numbers, Vancouver has committed itself to aiding those suffering, starting with providing proper facilities to undergo detox and rehabilitation.

Looking Ahead
While the mayor and other government officials recognize that more facilities are required, there is a need for workers to staff these organizations. Professionals provide day-to-day care for some patients while offering others support services.

Interested students should consider taking healthcare courses to find out if this career is one they can see themselves pursuing. Professionals in this field often host interventions, prevent relapses and work with high-risk groups to stop addictions before they start. Understanding the fundamentals of addiction and recovery is necessary to this line of work, and learning about the topic at a Vancouver college can give students insight into the struggle facing many citizens, as well as what these students can do to help.

Those who are interested in finding a role as an addictions and community services worker can first enroll in  addictions and community services courses at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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