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Main Community News Manage Hectic Times at the Office With These Tips

Manage Hectic Times at the Office With These Tips

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Encountering a hectic time at the office can often spread stress to other areas of life. Working long hours, handling high-pressure projects or juggling new responsibilities for the first time can add to your stress level. However, there are a number of tips you can follw to navigate stressful situations in the office.

Organize Your Workspace
The first step toward achieving an orderly life is organizing the workspace, which can extend from a desk to an email inbox.
By clearing a space of clutter, you'll eliminate distractions and be prepared to attack the tasks set in front of you. It also eliminates the possibility of wasting time looking for documents or office materials, allowing you to focus on the work itself.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Another useful tip is to focus on the major sections of a project and try to get those large pieces done before looking at smaller details or less important tasks.

"One major goal at a time is enough," Duncan Bannatyne, chairman of the Bannatyne Group, told The Guardian. "If you try to do too many things at once, you'll end up failing on several fronts. I try to focus on big decisions and eliminate trivialities."

Don't Put Tasks Off for the Next Day
One of the most important methods to use when trying to get a large amount of work done is avoiding procrastination, and that includes simply putting off major projects for the next day.Whether it is returning phone calls and emails or preparing documents for later use, tackling these tasks as soon as possible can cut down on stress while also allowing workers to get a jump start on the next day's responsibilities.

Find Motivation
Ultimately, it is essential that workers maintain a strong work-life balance in order to avoid burning out, and a great way to do that is to think of a reward for once the busy office time is over. Consider planning a quick getaway or a fun activity that will be personally fulfilling while also providing people with something to look forward to.

Workers who enjoy their jobs may find it easier to get through busy times, so it is important to choose an enjoyable career where employees can build on their studies at a Vancouver college.

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