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Main Connect News Step Back into the Workforce Confidently at Any Age

Step Back into the Workforce Confidently at Any Age

Monday, January 23, 2012

Common themes in today's economy include streamlined staffs and tightened company budgets. Employers have had to lay off employees who are responsible for providing an income for their families. These older workers must determine how to jump back into the workforce without compromising their value and settling for positions they may be overqualified for.

Cindy Gordon, the president of Culture Shock Coaching in Toronto, discussed a time when she was downsized from a company that she had been with for 15 years with the Globe and Mail.

After working for 35 years, Gordon used the period of unemployment to re-evaluate her career experience and discover what she was genuinely passionate about. She also identified her personal values and career goals, and created a plan of action to chase down her dream job.

Anyone looking to re-enter the workforce or switch career paths can use the same approach to success that Gordon applied. Whether they're returning to the field or they're pursuing a new path, career seekers will find a plan of action will help get them there.

Healthcare careers, such as nursing, require a strong set of values and a passion for helping people. Those interested in pursing this path can start by learning the fundamental skills of the field by enrolling in the Practical Nursing program at Vancouver Career College. Fill out the form on the right to take the first steps.

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