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Main Connect News Learn From Unanswered Online Job Applications

Learn From Unanswered Online Job Applications

Friday, March 9, 2012

Most job seekers are likely very familiar with online job boards, staffing consultants and other web-based recruitment tools. While they may get frustrated with unanswered job applications, applicants should always check that their application materials aren't hindering their chances of getting hired.

Reviewing and editing resumes and cover letters is something that job seekers should do on a regular basis. While applying to several jobs at a time may seem efficient, most employers can when applicants haven't tailored their applications specifically to the position. And, if the cover letter doesn't indicate a passion about the position, chances are the person who submitted it doesn't either.

Sometimes, applicants receive notices from the recruiters thanking them for their interest even though they've chosen different candidates. When this happens, job seekers can learn from it by inquiring about why they weren't chosen and what they can do to improve their chances when future job opportunities arise. The worst case scenario is that the hiring manager won't respond.

A solid education will also help those on the hunt for new careers. Students enrolled in programs like Accounting and Payroll Administrator or Business Administration/E-Commerce Management at Vancouver Career College can add both experience and education to their resumes. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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