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Main Connect News Professionals Need to Practice Tech Etiquette

Professionals Need to Practice Tech Etiquette

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

While technology plays a huge role in virtually every industry, it still does not replace face-to-face interaction. A recent Workmonitor survey from Randstad Canada showed nearly 7 out of 10 Canadian employees preferred talking to their colleagues in person as using email or text messages, according to the Globe and Mail.

While most workers do prefer physical interaction with their coworkers, learning how to communicate using proper internet etiquette is an essential skill to acquire in the workplace. Tech etiquette also includes text messages and use of smartphones.

"Smartphones can have a very appropriate place during a meeting or business setting," Stacey Parker, executive vice president of marketing for Randstad Canada, told The Globe and Mail. "It can feel like a slight when you are meeting with someone, just to have them pull out their phone and read a text message while you're in conversation."

By putting the phones away during meetings, employees can better separate personal and professional time. Accounting professionals can ultimately accomplish more during the day when they are not worried about matters at home, so stowing the phone in a purse or pocket could be beneficial to their overall work production.

Those in search of business careers can enroll in training programs like Accounting and Payroll Administrator and Business Administration/E-Commerce Management at Vancouver Career College where they can put their technology etiquette skills to use in the classroom. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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