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Main Connect News Vancouver Career College Training Puts Grad Get on the Right Track

Vancouver Career College Training Puts Grad Get on the Right Track

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Construction Electrician Foundation grad finds new career after return to school

Burnaby, BC – May 23, 2012 – After spending a few years in the workforce, Travis Nieken decided that he wanted more out of life. His days consisted of going to work at a liquor store and hanging out with his friends, and he soon realized that he needed a change.

Hear Travis discuss the reasons why he decided to go back to school on Vancouver Career College’s YouTube Channel.

“College changed my life because I was on the train to Nowheresville, pretty much,” Travis says. “I wasn’t really doing too much. I didn’t really have anything to motivate me until I went to school. I wanted to make something of myself and have a future 25 years down the road.”

Once Travis decided on a career, he enrolled in the Construction Electrician Foundation program at Vancouver Career College’s Burnaby campus. He appreciated learning from industry-experienced instructors who were prepared and committed to their students. He also liked that hands-on training was a major component of the program.

“Hands-on classes are great,” he says. “You’re able to actually go into the work and practice what you’ll be doing for the rest of your life.”

Watch the rest of Travis’s story at YouTube.com/Vancouver Career College. Interested the Construction Electrician Foundation program? Fill out the form on the right.
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