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Main Connect News Find New Career Opportunities at Job Fairs

Find New Career Opportunities at Job Fairs

Friday, June 1, 2012

Regional job fairs offer employers the chance to meet new talent and help job seekers learn about available positions with companies in their area. While the scope of these events usually cover several industries and careers paths, smaller fairs may focus on particular fields, such as business and accounting. Either way, these events can be ideal for students who are preparing to launch their new careers.

One way students can make the most of their time at a job fair is to do a little research ahead of time. Hundreds of organizations and business may have booths at these fairs. In some cases, organizers will publish a list of businesses and organizations in attendance, either in promotional material or on the event's website. Obtaining this information prior to the job fair will allow students to research the companies they'd like to work for in order to make positive first impressions at the event.

In addition, organizers will often provide a layout of the event ahead of time in order to make it easier for job seekers to find their way around. Students can also use the maps to locate their desired employers in advance and plan which one to visit first.

Most importantly, job seekers should bring updated resumes and contact information with them. When an employer shows interests, they can readily hand present their credentials, apply for positions on the spot or set up meetings for a future date.

While job fairs can be excellent ways to connect with potential employers, those interested in training for new career can turn to Vancouver Career College. Students wanting a career in business can start their journey by enrolling in programs like Accounting and Payroll Administration or Business Administration/E-Commerce Management.   For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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