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Main Connect News Legal Agencies Modernize the Workplace

Legal Agencies Modernize the Workplace

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Law firms and other companies are taking tips from contemporary startups and creating futuristic work environments that resemble tech businesses more than traditional lawyers' offices. Toronto-based Cognition LLP, situated in an old warehouse in the heart of the entertainment district, is a massive space complete with nearly 5-metre-high ceilings and an air hockey table in the front lobby area, the Financial Post reports. The workers dress rather casually and often do not even report to the office, using cloud-based networks or their own personal devices from the comfort of their homes.

This blend of comfort and professionalism is a rapidly rising trend in industries across the board. Shying away from the rigid design of private offices and opting for a more open space with desks, computers and even couches placed throughout the interior, firms such as Cognition are becoming the pioneers of redesigning the corporate office.

Not only does this approach create a relaxing environment for employees, but it also saves the company significant amounts of money that it would have otherwise spent on office construction, technological devices and office supplies.

Aspiring professionals pursuing careers as paralegal or legal administrative assistant can benefit from this open-style work environment because the opportunity to interact with almost all employees is possible at virtually any time of day. 

Students enrolled in paralegal courses may already be accustomed to this equal, open environment in their classrooms. They can form relationships with professors and fellow classmates, and begin to discuss their long-term plans. When they begin their practicum placement in a law firm, government agency or other business, they can set their goals into action and get a headstart on fostering professional connections early on. 

At Vancouver Career College, students receive a strong education through the Paralegal and Legal Administrative Assistant programs. For more information or to get started on enrolling in legal courses, fill out the form on the right.

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