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Main Connect News Massage Therapy Gains Traction as a Highly Reputable Healthcare Treatment

Massage Therapy Gains Traction as a Highly Reputable Healthcare Treatment

Thursday, August 16, 2012

While massage therapy has been around for centuries, it did not become a regulated health profession until the 20th century. Part of the reason is because it is difficult to gauge soreness or muscle injury following exercise or other physical activities. A new study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine gives a better indication of the measurable effects of massage-like pressure on muscle fiber recovery, according to Health News Digest.

While researchers have generally recognized and proven the healing effects of massage after an injury, new research aimed to discover the more specific details behind the overall recovery impact, involving the duration, timing and pressure applied.

Using animal subjects, doctors and other researchers determined that as the pressure of the massage grew stronger - similar to that of a Swedish massage - the more likely the muscle fibers were able to heal. In this particular research study, experts measured the results without having to inflict any external pain to the subjects.

Additionally, the study demonstrated that duration was less influential in the healing outcome of the massage. However, administering the treatment within 24 hours after the injury is important to maximize the results of the form of care.

Researchers claim that soft tissue massage helps reduce swelling and inflammation, while deep tissue massage helps break up old adhesions in the deeper muscle.

This discovery may inspire aspiring massage therapy professionals. In British Columbia, the role of massage therapists has grown much faster than in other provinces. Students who pursue this career will gain knowledge in anatomy, neurology and physiology, as well as various methods of massage that they could ultimately administer down the road.

Students who enroll in the Registered Massage Therapy at Vancouver Career College will also get the chance to test out what they've learned in their clinical courses in the Student Clinic. Under the supervision, they'll be able to combine their skills and hone their abilities. For more information on the program, fill out the form on the right.

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