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Main Connect News Study Spots for Practical Nursing Students

Study Spots for Practical Nursing Students

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From hospitals and nursing homes to classrooms and labs, practical nursing students may have a busy schedule of jumping around from one place to another. In between all of their commitments, they have to make sure they find a great place to study. Every student has a different style and preference - some like to talk about lessons with study partners, while others prefer complete silence while they scan through the chapters of their nursing textbooks. Whatever approach they prefer, there are a number of different locations that are great places for practical nursing students to study.

Quiet areas

When asked where is the best place to cram for an exam, most students would likely give the library as their first answer. Typically open late to accommodate hard-working students, libraries are not only stocked full with books - the desks, chairs and couches inside are often used even more than the reference materials on the shelves.

Students who need complete silence when they are studying for upcoming exams can usually find a room designated as a strict quiet area, where students who share the same studying preferences hole up and complete their work without talking, munching or playing loud music.


Some students enjoy listening to music when they study to drown out the sounds of their environment. For these students, the lobby of their campus, or even the front entrance of another public building close to the campus can be ideal. While they are not completely isolated, they are still in a fairly quiet environment - most people are too busy to hang out in the lobby - and they may also have easy access to their professors if they have a quick question.

Collaborative study spots

Many libraries also set up space for group meeting environments, so those who would rather bounce ideas off one another in a collaborative study session can sit on couches where it is acceptable to converse at a moderate volume. These rooms are typically buzzing with chatter, so those who are pros at drowning out the noises of others can likely excel in this type of environment.

Another place that is generally bustling is the nearby coffee shop. Students who know that they may need to refuel more than once during their study hours can find a desk, table or couch inside the java house and plug in their laptops for a few hours. Today, most coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi access, so students can stay connected for the entire duration of their study session.

Students who are interested in pursuing healthcare careers can enroll in practical nursing courses at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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