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Main Connect News Playing Matchmaker as an Aspiring Pharmacy Assistant

Playing Matchmaker as an Aspiring Pharmacy Assistant

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The relationship recent pharmacy assistant graduates have with their direct supervisors is crucial to their happiness, success and opportunity to excel on the job. Their daily tasks are often decided by the pharmacist, and they must communicate constantly with the manager in the pharmacy. When searching for pharmacy assistant positions, it is important that students pay close attention to their interaction with the pharmacist to make sure their work ethic and personalities mesh well on the job.

Find the right match

While students enrolled in healthcare courses for their future pharmacy assistant careers are likely busy with a full course load, they should also find the time to search the job market and find out which companies are hiring and where. There are pharmacies throughout British Columbia that looking for assistants with strong organizational skills, the ability to communicate well with others and an inherent motivation to succeed in the workplace. Students should apply to the positions that stand out to them, and if employers think that they have the skills the company is looking for, they might land a job interview. This is when applicants should take the time to evaluate the organization as well.

Does the student feel comfortable chatting with the supervisor? Does the manager give off a collaborative, team-based demeanor rather than an authoritative stance? If these are important qualities to a potential job applicant, they should make sure to make a mental note during the interview so that if a job offer is put on the table, they can confidently answer yes or no and not regret whichever decision they make.

Know the role

Students do not need to have worked as a pharmacy assistant to understand what the role involves on a daily basis. Before an interview, they should have a clear understanding of the position they are pursuing so that they are well-informed and know the right questions to ask. If they are curious about how much daily interaction they will have with customers, they can ask managers how much time they spend at the register rather than organizing or sorting medications and prescriptions. If candidates consider themselves workers with strong people skills, they can emphasize this to employers so that they can have a better chance of demonstrating this quality in the workplace.

Students who are interested in becoming pharmacy assistants can enroll in healthcare courses at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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