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Main Connect News Vancouver Career College Practical Nursing Grads Well-Equipped for Healthcare Field

Vancouver Career College Practical Nursing Grads Well-Equipped for Healthcare Field

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Training, experience and instructors an essential combination for student success

Burnaby, BC – December 5, 2012 –There are few jobs out there as rewarding as nursing. Practical nurses are one of the cornerstones of BC’s healthcare sector, preventing and treating illness and promoting health and wellness in residential care facilities, hospitals, medical clinics, schools and other settings. In order to be effective in their jobs, LPNs need the essential skills and knowledge that comes from the right combination of training and experience.

The Practical Nursing program at Vancouver Career College is designed to train knowledgeable, competent and accountable graduates to be valuable members of any healthcare team. Through classroom learning and hands-on training, students develop a comprehensive foundation in practical nursing.

“Whether it be learning to adjust needles, raising beds or safety precautions with patients, the program helped us become more efficient and more professional,” says Practical Nursing graduate Raj Jagpal.

While students benefit from the classroom and lab experience, the program includes several practical components that let them integrate their knowledge and skills into practice. This practical experience is a crucial element to their success.

“You can learn all that you need to in the classroom but when you get out there, it’s a completely different world,” says Karen Gammon, a graduate of the Practical Nursing program, “You need that practical experience to really know what you’re up against.”

To complement the comprehensive curriculum and practical components, the program is taught by experienced nursing instructors. With years of experience in the field, the instructors are able to create a broader perspective about the nursing profession for their students, in turn making their learning experience even richer.

“My Practical Nursing instructor was in the industry for twenty years,” says Kam Sihota. “She learned from all the little mistakes and she tried to prevent me from making them. It really helped a lot.”

The demand for well-trained healthcare professionals will continue to grow in the province. And, with a large number of retirements expected in the coming years, more opportunities will be available for newly trained practical nurses. Undoubtedly, graduates from the Practical Nursing program at Vancouver Career College will be well-prepared to fill the void.

Vancouver Career College is now accepting applications for the Practical Nursing program in Abbotsford, Burnaby and Kelowna. For more information, call 1.877.607.7819 or fill out the form on the right.
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