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Main Connect News Work Job Hunting Into a Busy Schedule

Work Job Hunting Into a Busy Schedule

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Searching for a job takes a lot of time and energy - in fact, it can often seem like a full time job in and of itself. Aspiring professionals looking to break into an industry shouldn't be discouraged by the effort required, however, as there are many opportunities to refine job search strategies to make the process more focused and efficient.

Keep Business Hours
Many successful job seekers claim that creating a routine and sticking to it is one of the best practices for streamlining the job search, according to The Globe and Mail. Waking up early and working through the business day are helpful tips, as the prospective employees are then keeping the same hours as most of the organisations they are trying to get jobs with. By doing this, workers are decreasing the chances of missing opportunities and phone calls or appearing unprofessional by sleeping through the day, the news source reports.

"By far the best way to stay motivated in your job search is to approach looking for a job as if it were a job all on its own," Julie Labrie, vice president of a recruitment company, wrote in The Globe and Mail. "This means disciplining yourself, keeping to a schedule, being organized, setting objectives and measuring your performance against those objectives."

Set Goals
Another helpful tip is for job seekers to set goals for themselves. Establishing daily, weekly and even monthly goals can keep workers on task as they strive to avoid distractions that can cause them to stray from the job search. These objectives can range from sending out a certain number of resumes and applications to attending networking events.

Measure the Efforts
Just like when an employee completes tasks in an office setting, aspiring workers should monitor their efforts and try to measure their results. Individuals can judge their progress by the number of callbacks, interviews or other interactions with employers they receive. Getting positive results shows that workers are on the right track, while a slower stream of feedback may signal the time to change the type of careers or businesses individuals are applying to.

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