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Main Connect News Nonprofit Program Preps Women for the Interview Process

Nonprofit Program Preps Women for the Interview Process

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preparing for interviews is a nerve-wracking process for many students, from deciding what to wear to determining the right questions to ask by the end of the interview. Even those who have put together the perfect ensemble and spent weeks gearing up for the meeting will likely have a few jitters in the moments leading up to their session with the employer. In Canada, community service workers have come together to help many of these types of workers feel confident and nail their interviews and land job offers as a result.

Dress for Success, a nonprofit program based in a number of different cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary and other cities within Central Alberta, aims to help marginalized women have the same opportunities as more fortunate professionals who may find they have an easier time making advancements in their careers.

The Goods
The service provides free professional attire, advice and tips on hairstyles and makeup application, resume pointers and mock interview sessions. Not only do they help with each of these steps leading up to the meeting with an employer, but volunteers and workers from the organization also offer a strong network of support for after they have started a job.

"This isn't just about providing disadvantaged women with nice garments," Paige Souter, interim executive director of Dress for Success in Toronto, told Samaritan Mag. "It's also about raising them up and treating them with dignity so they know they can meet whatever goals they aspire to."

How Does It Work?
Professional wear can be expensive, which is one reason why this nonprofit company has seen so much positive feedback from women in the workplace. To keep the organization thriving and maintain a fully stocked wardrobe for everyone interested in the program, employees host regular fundraising galas and events, playfully coining them "A Heel of a Good Time!" and other tongue-in-cheek phrases.

Get Involved
People who want a future in community service could find just what they are looking for at a nonprofit organization like Dress for Success. The main mission is to help women overcome their obstacles and ultimately become self-sufficient leaders of their own careers.

"We don't coddle them," Souter told the news source. "At the end of the interview, the corporate volunteer offers feedback - what worked, what didn't, what areas to improve. It's amazing because in some cases clients have never been through this process or if they have, they were never told why they didn't get a job. It's a tremendous benefit."

Students who are interested in finding jobs in social services can enroll in the Addictions and Community Services Worker program at Vancouver Career College. To find out more information, fill out the form on the right.

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