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Main Connect News New Employees Must Prove Themselves

New Employees Must Prove Themselves

Thursday, January 24, 2013

In a recovering economy, students may be in many ways more cautious of the types of opportunities they pursue in the professional world. Understanding the reality of a tough economy, these students seek steady paychecks and secure positions where they feel confident that their contribution is important to the company. Fortunately, business managers today are actively tracking down the top talent from Generation "Y" because these individuals are the ones who are tech savvy and aware of the latest trends in advertising, sales tactics and business approaches overall.

Sometimes, being a young business professional can be difficult, because it requires them to convince older individuals that they should be trusted and respected in the workplace. Here are a few ways that business students can come off as trustworthy professionals and possibly even receive a handful of job offers:

Study Your Audience
Even if today's business students are confident that their approach to sales or administration are more effective than those of past decades, they have to realize that, in many instances, they are going to be dealing with professionals from earlier generations.

"Gen Ys really do matter, but they have some quite different requirements of employers," Karen Forward, a director at Pricewaterhouse Coopers, told the Financial Post. "As far as financial advisors, one of the challenges they have is because they also have a different work ethic than those people advising in the Gen X or Boomer generations."

Instead of pushing their new ideas on these mature professionals, they can incorporate old and new tactics together to slowly introduce them to their newer perspective on the market.

Know Your Stuff
While social skills are key to business, intelligence and extensive knowledge of the product or industry is essential to making it far in a business career. While students might be able to lure in clients with their personality, it's their professionalism and expertise that will keep them satisfied customers down the road. Whether students are in medical sales or tech business development, they should become experts in their field and show clients their confidence about the product or service that their company provides.

Those who are interested in getting started on their professional careers can enroll in business courses at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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