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Main Connect News Small Businesses in British Columbia Are Thriving

Small Businesses in British Columbia Are Thriving

Monday, February 4, 2013

British Columbia is quickly becoming one of the most attractive provinces for small businesses in Canada. With a combination of a hospitable economy and new provisions to protect startup companies, B.C. has staked a claim as one of the best places to begin an entrepreneurial career.

According to Canadian Business, as much as 3.9 per cent of the province's population is currently employed by a startup company, which is nearly double the rate of regions like Manitoba. This is largely due to the efforts the city has undertaken to be seen as one of the most hospitable locations for new businesses.

Startups in B.C.
Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of State for Small Business, told The Province her goal is to make B.C. the most business-friendly province in Canada. In order to achieve this, the city has been heavily recruiting young entrepreneurs, attracting some of the most innovative workers with services like mentorship programs and networking events. Yamamoto is also aiming to integrate government happenings with business owners to create an environment that fosters innovation and fresh new ideas in companies.

"I think that when small businesses do well, so does the province," Yamamoto told the news source.

Indeed, small business is an essential part of the B.C. economy, reports Daily News Canada. It represents a majority of all industry in the province, providing more than 26,000 jobs to citizens while also pumping money into the local economy.

New Efforts
In the past, Vancouver was a city with a business industry centered around gaming and social media, but in recent years it has shifted to software services and new technology. More businesses are being founded everyday, entering into fields such as science and entertainment and broadening the scope of B.C.'s corporate offerings.

These new efforts, coupled with a surge of students entered the workforce with innovative ideas, is creating a culture of small business in the province. Daily News Canada reports that the demand for workers in B.C. is expected to grow faster than the labour force in the coming years, making those who have experience or an educational background in business fields tremendously valuable to growing businesses.

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