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Main Connect News Ask an Employer These Questions During a Job Interview

Ask an Employer These Questions During a Job Interview

Monday, March 18, 2013

Students need to do whatever they can to set themselves apart from the competition when looking for a job. A solid interview is one of the major aspects of landing a dream job, and to truly make an impression during this brief period, job applicants should be ready to ask questions at the conclusion of the session. 

Before heading to a job interview, be sure to have a few questions stored to ask at the end. While some topics that come up throughout the question and answer period may spur some other queries, preparing some beforehand will allow an aspiring worker to take more time to think about those other issues and can help convey confidence.

Consider incorporating some of these tips when thinking of what to ask a potential employer: 

Touch on topics from the interview
Even if a student sticks to questions they have formulated ahead of time, they can still incorporate certain words, phrases or ideas that came up during the course of the interview. Doing this won't take too much effort, but may prove that an applicant was really listening and soaking up what was said during the time with the company. Plus, the ability to apply what just came up to broader issues is an attractive trait in employees. 

Ask about their experiences
Even if the job may not be the right fit, there is still valuable information to be gleaned from the interviewers. They have likely been involved in a similar career or industry as the one an applicant is interested in, so they may have some good knowledge or advice, and their tales about working with a certain company could provide insight into the culture and happiness of its employees. 

Talk about the need to improve
Don't be afraid to talk about long-term goals during the question and answer period. Companies will like to see that an individual thinking about sticking it out in a position and are ready to commit to their business, while employers will probably like to see that an applicant is driven to improve his or her work and move up the ranks. 

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