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Main Connect News Social Media Boosts Customer Service Across All Industries

Social Media Boosts Customer Service Across All Industries

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whether you're a medical office assistant or an accounting administrator, you probably have a social media account or two. When you use social media professionally, you need to be aware of the how interacting with clients makes you the face of your company. And, just like face-to-face or phone interaction, there are certain guidelines to speaking with customers online. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind if you're using social media on behalf of your employer.

Stay Positive
If you peruse tweets or Facebook and blog posts, you might notice that many discussions about companies' services or products are negative. It's much easier for people to express their unfiltered opinions in a virtual setting than in person, but the employee has to stay calm and collected the entire time. Remember, you're there to help and answer questions

Target Your Customers
Another great aspect of social media is the ability to analyze and assess how you're reaching your customers. You'll get to observe which demographic most of your clients fall in, and then act accordingly to better reach them and engage with them. On sites such as Twitter, you can even track what users are saying about you by monitoring hashtags and mentions.

Solve Problems Fast
In a traditional work setting, office administrators have certain hours where they can be reached on the phone or in person. Once the work day is over, they return to their homes and the ability to reach them immediately is no longer possible. With social media, however, most companies offer nearly 24/7 service, meaning that clients can check in to a Twitter page, voice their concerns, and expect a response almost instantly. While you might not be expected to work 24-hour days, you will have the opportunity to show your dedication to the job simply by logging into a social networking site and helping out clients when needed.

Undoubtedly, social media will continue to be an important part of customer service for most businesses. Students training in programs like Office Administration and Medical Office Assistant at Vancouver Career College also learn about the fundamentals of communication, customer service and interpersonal skills. For more information on a career training program, fill out the form on the right.

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