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Main Connect News Education Matters: Why Vancouver Career College Over a Bachelor's Degree

Education Matters: Why Vancouver Career College Over a Bachelor's Degree

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

“Skills, not degrees. These are qualities that you don’t necessarily pick up from a degree.”
— Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn 

If one of the largest companies in the world, Ernst and Young, can remove the entrance criteria of a degree — stating that there is “no evidence” that success at university correlates to achievement later in life — then why should a degree hold weight over job-ready skills and training? 

Studies show advantages to obtaining a bachelor’s degree, such as acquiring a vast knowledge base, learning to think critically, and how to analyze the world around us. A bachelor’s degree is a valued credential for many jobs in the workforce. However, they do not always prepare us for many of the practical skills required on the job. 

Not only does this credential focus on theoretical training, but a bachelor’s degree is a four-year, full-time commitment. When time is imperative to starting (or re-starting) your career, not many individuals can say they have four years to spare. 

The biggest advantage of practical career training programs: fast entry to the job market. 

Many Vancouver Career College programs provide “career-readiness” in less than a year. With a variety of accelerated, practical career training programs and small classes to emphasize quality instruction and one-on-one teaching, our students have the ability to obtain a certificate or diploma and enter the job force immediately. 

With a high guarantee of employment within six months of graduation, our practicum placements allow students to gain real-world training from industry experts and obtain job-ready skills. This is uncommon with degree programs, unless you chooses to extend your program by an additional year and join the co-op program. 

With Vancouver Career College’s dedication to providing the highest standards in education and training, a bachelor’s degree is no longer the only viable option for higher education. 

Practical career training is the way of the future. 

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