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Main Connect News 5 Tips on How to "Stay Busy" at Home

5 Tips on How to "Stay Busy" at Home

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

We’ve come up with an extensive list of activities that will keep you occupied at home and you won’t even have time to think about being “bored” or “isolated”. Use this time at home to reconnect with friends and family, try out new recipes, and get organized!


Virtual wine nights or coffee dates

We know you miss interacting with your friends. Since you can’t go out and see them (partially because all the bars and restaurants are closed) why not bring wine nights or coffee dates into your own home using virtual platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp video calls. Schedule a time and an activity for you and your friend(s) and use this time to catch up, sip some wine, and share some laughs.


Family board game nights

Those board games in your closet are probably covered in dust – now is the perfect time to break them out with your whole family! Whether it’s Taboo, Telestrations, Cranium, Chess, or Scrabble, this is the ideal bonding activity after you’ve tirelessly watched hours of Netflix and cable movies. Plus, it will evoke more conversation, brain activity, and creativity.   


Try out new menu items

Instead of making the usual spaghetti, casserole, or chicken and veggies, now you have ample time to discover new recipes and menu options. What about trying beef bourguignon, chicken parmigiana, or seafood pesto gnocchi? Whatever you might order in a restaurant, now you can try it at home. Here’s a fun option: try serving these unique menu items on your fanciest china and garnish the plate to look like you’re at a fancy restaurant! It will be rewarding to see your hard work showcased in a beautiful display.


Get started on spring cleaning

You know all that clutter that’s been lying around? Or the stuff in the closet that’s piling over? Now is a great time to start your spring cleaning and organizing! Sort through all your things and make piles for donation (as well as trash), while also doing a deep clean of your space. You’ll enjoy being home even more if you’re able to experience a sparkling clean and clutter-free place.


Start a workout plan

With access to so many workout videos online, come up with a workout routine that you can follow every day. Start off your morning with a few crunches, push ups, or jumping-jacks, and then set a time in the afternoon to focus your attention on cardio and core, legs and back, arms and upper body, or anything else you need to work on. Now that gyms have closed, there’s no reason why you can’t plan your own workout! Here are some options for free, online workouts.

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