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Main Connect News A Day in the Life of an Education Assistant

A Day in the Life of an Education Assistant

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

“Each day is filled with a new adventure, as no two days are the same in an education assistant's life,” says Leichel, Education Assistant instructor at Surrey campus.


Do you ever wonder what a day in the life as an education assistant entails? Do you have a passion for assisting youth and children within schools and the community? Individuals who are committed to helping children and youth reach their full potential will likely exceed in this role. If this sounds like you, then the field of special education may be the right career path for you.


Education assistants work with both teachers and students and play a critical role in the classrooms. As an education assistant, your role will focus on the individual's social and educational needs in an inclusive classroom environment that fosters' purposeful educational settings.


"Being an Education Assistant for nearly a decade was the most rewarding career I had ever had,” continues Leichel. “I was able to work with students and watch them grow. The everyday successes I was able to celebrate with my students, like the first time a student tied his shoes, or the first time a student wrote her name independently, these successes are the reason to go to work every day.”


A typical morning may consist of preparing and planning classroom materials for meaningful activities. Next, you may find yourself assisting students who may require additional support. Managing classroom behaviour is one another key aspect you'll master, including working in group settings and caring for children who may be upset or dealing with accidents.


On a regular basis, you may use assistive technology to support the student's learning experience. Recreational activities, such as arts and crafts, will be a major component in developing an interactive environment for students.


At Vancouver Career College, our hands-on Education Assistant diploma program offers specialized training, practice, and work experience. You will be equipped with knowledge and skills in child and adolescent development, learning and behavioural differences, and language acquisition. It will also prepare you to apply practical knowledge to begin work upon graduation.


Jane, Education Assistant instructor at Coquitlam campus, tells us about her experience with the program.

"Your passion for serving children with special needs is the utmost accomplishment, but taking the Education Assistant program to certify yourself is the best decision. I am here to develop passion and provide you with engaging industry theory, empower your knowledge and mentor your career. Know that you are being given the tools and mentorship from industry-experienced instructors with tremendous experience and have a wealth of education.”


If you are ready to support children and youth reach their full potential and contribute to inclusive learning environments, fill out the REQUEST INFO FORM and get one step closer to starting your new career as an education assistant.

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