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Main Connect News Uplifting Ways To Boost Your Mood During Winter

Uplifting Ways To Boost Your Mood During Winter

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The winter blues most certainly are a real thing, especially during this lockdown era. With so many tasty holiday temptations, cold weather and social distancing orders, it can be easy to hide under the covers all winter. It is common for people to experience feelings similar to depression during the colder seasons. It can become easy to give in to unhealthy habits during this period, but we've got some genius ways to uplift your mood during this time.


  1. Get enough sleep. Sleep is restorative for the body but be mindful of not having too much sleep or not enough. Oversleeping and not getting enough sleep can leave you feeling moody and tired after waking. Adults should aim for about seven or eight hours of sleep every night.
  2. Try some relaxing practices. Anxiety and stress can be damaging to your health, especially during winter. Five minutes of meditation can make all the difference in your anxiety and stress levels. You can try muscle relaxation exercises or focus on deep breathing while you do some yoga.
  3. Stick to a healthy diet. Resisting the urge to fill up on sugar and carbohydrates can be beneficial to your health. Try eating more protein-rich foods such as vegetables, beans, nuts, fruits, and whole grains. This diet will help you feel revitalized and restore your energy with vitamins and minerals from these foods.
  4. Exercise regularly. Exercise can be a great way to beat the winter blues by releasing endorphins. Take a walk, or go snowshoeing, or skiing or skating. Any activity that keeps your body moving will work and keep your mental health in check.
  5. Increase your social interactions (COVID-friendly). There are many ways to stay connected with friends and family, especially while physical distancing orders are still in place. You can always call a friend or family member using video such as FaceTime or Zoom. You can play online games with friends such as Pictionary or Among Us. You never know how much you and the other person will benefit from this interaction.
  6. Scent your place. It's all about your senses and scents, whether you like essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass. Maybe you prefer the smell of a burning candle. These scents should help improve your mood while leaving you calm and relaxed.


If you want to feel great all year round, adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the way to do it. Remember, if you feel that your winter blue symptoms are severe, please speak to your doctor or a mental health professional to get the resources you need to be safe, healthy and happy this winter.



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