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Main Connect News Nurses Week 2023: Recognizing Our Superheroes in Scrubs

Nurses Week 2023: Recognizing Our Superheroes in Scrubs

Friday, May 12, 2023

Nurses are superheroes in scrubs who work tirelessly to make our lives better, which is why we're here to celebrate Nurses Week and show our appreciation for everything they do. In this Fact Friday blog, we will look at the history of Nurses Week, share some nursing facts and figures, and give you some ideas on how you can show your gratitude for nurses.


Nurses’ week was first organized in 1954, but wasn’t made official until 1982 when the US Congress officially recognized the week-long event, starting May 6th and ending May 12th - Florence Nightingale's birthday. She was known for her innovative approach to healthcare, compassion, and dedication. Her legacy is a constant reminder of the importance of nursing, and that is why we dedicate this week to all the superheroes in scrubs - our beloved nurses.


This year's Nurses Week theme is "Our Nurses. Our Future." The theme recognizes the vital role nurses play in shaping the future of healthcare. They are the real MVPs of patient care, and their vision and voice can help shape a brighter future for all of us.


Some Facts* about Nurses in Canada:

  • Did you know that in 2021, there were 459,005 regulated nurses eligible to practice?
  • In 2021, about 91% of regulated nurses were female in Canada, so nursing continues to be a female-dominated profession.
  • Percentage of regulated nurses by employment setting:
  • 54.6% worked in a hospital
  • 13.7% worked in community health
  • 13.6% worked in a nursing home/long-term care
  • 7.4% worked in other employment settings


Nursing is a versatile and rewarding profession, and nurses can specialize in various areas such as pediatrics, oncology, and critical care. They play a crucial role in patient care, from administering medication to providing emotional support, and educating patients and their families. Studies have shown having more nurses on staff is associated with better patient outcomes, including lower mortality rates and fewer medical errors. That's why they're superheroes, right?


Now, let's talk about how you can show your appreciation. You can start by saying thank you to the nurses in your life. This simple gesture can go a long way in showing your gratitude for their hard work. You can also give them a small gift, like a bouquet or a gift card to a local restaurant, to show your appreciation, or you could plan a party or luncheon to celebrate the nurses in your workplace or community. If you're feeling generous, consider donating to a nursing charity in honour of Nurses Week.


If you are interested in becoming a nurse, Vancouver Career College offers a Practical Nursing program that can prepare you for a rewarding healthcare career. The program provides hands-on training in areas such as nursing theory, pharmacology, and patient care. Graduates of the program are eligible to become licensed practical nurses (LPNs) after passing the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE).

With the demand for healthcare professionals on the rise, pursuing a career in nursing could be the best decision you ever make.


*Canadian Nursing Association

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