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Main Connect News Vancouver Career College Achieves 95% Pass Rate on PAN-CAN Exam Results

Vancouver Career College Achieves 95% Pass Rate on PAN-CAN Exam Results

Friday, June 21, 2024

We are thrilled to share some fantastic news about Vancouver Career College! The PAN-CAN Exam Results for April 2024 are in, and our Acupuncture program students have excelled with an impressive pass rate of 95.45%. This achievement is a testament to our instructors' dedication, students' hard work, and unwavering commitment to providing a top-notch education. 

Celebrating a 95.45% Pass Rate on PAN-CAN Exam Results April 2024 

Our students have truly made us proud with their remarkable performance. Achieving a 95.45% pass rate on the PAN-CAN Exam results is a significant accomplishment that reflects the ambitious standards and quality of the Acupuncture program at Vancouver Career College. This success reflects our students' hard work and the comprehensive and rigorous training our exceptional faculty provides. 

Our instructors play a crucial role in this achievement, offering expert guidance and support that helps students excel. The dedication and perseverance shown by our students are commendable, and their outstanding results highlight their commitment to their studies and future careers. We could not be prouder of our students and staff for their exceptional accomplishments, and we look forward to continuing to support and celebrate their success in the future. 

Why PAN-CAN Exams Are Important   

The Pan-Canadian Examinations (PAN-CAN Exams) are a vital component in the certification process for entry-level Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) professionals in Canada. Here are the key reasons why these exams are essential:

  • Ensuring Competency: The Pan-Canadian Examinations assess the essential occupational competencies of entry-level TCM professionals, ensuring they possess the necessary skills for safe and effective practice.
  • Upholding Standards: Administered by the Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CARB-TCMPA), these exams maintain high professional standards and promote ethical practice within the TCM field.
  • Protecting Public Health: Successful completion of the PAN-CAN Exams is a key requirement for registration in the General class, helping to ensure that practitioners are qualified to provide high-quality TCM services, thus safeguarding public health.

Vancouver Career College Grads Has Proven Track Record in PCE Exam Results   

Our student's success is not just a one-time achievement; Vancouver Career College has consistently demonstrated excellence in the PAN-CAN exam results. Here is a closer look at our impressive record of accomplishment over the past few years:  

  • April 2024: Our most recent students achieved an outstanding 95.45% pass rate, highlighting the high-quality education and preparation our acupuncture program provides.  
  • October 2023: Our students maintained a solid 83.33% pass rate, reflecting their resilience and dedication.  
  • April 2023: Our students and faculty's commitment and hard work resulted in an impressive 96% pass rate.  
  • October 2022: A perfect 100% pass rate score was achieved, highlighting our program's exceptional calibre and our students' unwavering effort.  
  • April 2022: With an 81.48% pass rate, our students demonstrated strong competencies and preparedness for the PCE.  
  • October 2021: Our students achieved an admirable 87.50% pass rate, showing consistent performance and proficiency in their field.  
  • April 2021: A commendable 86.96% pass rate, reflecting the ambitious standards and practical training provided by Vancouver Career College.  

This consistent record of high pass rates reflects the effectiveness of our teaching methods, our instructors' expertise, and our students' dedication. We are committed to maintaining and exceeding these standards, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared to succeed in their careers.  

Achieve Excellence in Acupuncture with Vancouver Career College 

Vancouver Career College's Acupuncture program is approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training. Graduates from this program are also well-prepared to write the PAN-CAN examinations for acupuncturists in BC. They are recognized by the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC (CTCMA BC). 

If you are considering a career in complementary and traditional Chinese medicine, we understand the importance of choosing the right program. At Vancouver Career College, our Acupuncture program is not just a course but a path to success. Our experienced instructors, who are more than just teachers, are here to guide you every step of the way, offering support and expertise in a nurturing community. We take pride in our proven success rates and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. If you need more information about our programs or have questions, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are here to help you take the first step toward a rewarding healthcare career. Join us at Vancouver Career College, and let us achieve excellence together! 

Vancouver Career College Achieves 95% Pass Rate on PAN-CAN Exam Results
June 21, 2024
We are thrilled to share some fantastic news about Vancouver Career College! The PAN-CAN Exam Results for April 2024 are in, and our Acupuncture prog...
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