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December 2019 Surrey Newsletter

There's no road map on how to raise a family: it's always an enormous negotiation. - Meryl Streep


Holiday and celebration
December 25, 2019

Before 25th December 2019 comes along, there will be some great class activities and get together happening in each class. Please participate in class and make the most of the time you have with us. Thank you!

Potluck meeting
December 20, 2019

VaCC, Surrey campus had a potluck party on 20th December. It was a meeting and potluck and everyone had a wonderful time. Lot of the students are already in holiday mode and we look forward to everyone rejoining us in 2020!


Shevaun Nobbs

Shevaun has shown outstanding performance in Medical Office Assistant program. She has perfect attendance and excellent marks in all her quizzes and exams. In addition she is always taking notes and working along side her classmates. 

December 25: Stat holiday


We wanted to take this opportunity to inform everyone that on December 25th we have a statutory holiday. The campus will be closed for the day. Please be on the lookout for events in the community.

Funding for education

Anyone looking for education and have limited resources please come and speak to one of our Assistant director of admissions and Financial advisors. They are various funding options available for students including scholarships.

December: Winter

We would like to encourage our students and everyone who is reading our newsletter to dress warmly for the unexpected rain and cold wind and/ or snow that you are going to be experiencing this month and for the next couple of months.



Instructor Caitlin

Hello Everyone,  We would like to welcome and share photo of our new Computer lab instructor, Caitlin. She has a wide variety of experience and knowledge, and she is a professional instructor. We happy to have you on board!



Medical programs at VaCC, Surrey branch

Hello, We wanted to inform everyone that we have more than one medical program at our campuses now. This includes Medical Laboratory Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant and last but not the least Medical office Assistant program. In addition to give you some insight we have attached a photo of our Medical Office Assistant program students along with their instructor, Neneng, who is a patient instructor and a wise soul. 

Embrace your uniqueness

In the midst of all the guidelines and protocol the personal identity and individuality is at times lost. To avoid that from happening, please make room for time for what you like and what you cherish most whether it be a hobby, or an exercise. A healthy mind and body are essential to a good life. 


Campus updates

We would like our students to feel welcome and part of the team. Hence, we would like to share that we have a new addition to our campus, which is a TV. It has the latest photos and also newsletter updates for students. Please come and explore our campus and what the programs entail for you. 

Advice for all our graduates

We would like to once again thank all our students who are had graduated from the programs. Whether you are entering the work force or whether you are thinking of taking up another program, we would like you to keep in touch with us. In addition, we would like you to offer employment services to our students. 

Quote for the month

With changes and wave of new information affecting every individual, we would like you everyone to begin 2020 with a positive mindset and outlook. In addition, we like everyone to take time to be reflective on the 2019 and rejoice with their friends and family over the Christmas break. 

Keys : Sense of home

Every object has different meaning for different people  Were you aware that Keys must always be the symbol of the Palestinian Nakba — the “disaster” — the final, fateful, terrible last turning in the lock of those front doors. This included Arab men, women and children who either fled or were thrown out of their homes in what was to become the state of Israel in 1947 and 1948. Even today, keys hold symbolic value for Palestinians. 


Day by day more and more organizations are becoming eco-friendly and providing their customers convenient options for recycling their used and waste efficiently. This includes multi million dollar industries and companies. 


Hello, we wanted to inform everyone that we have more than 45 courses with our college. The unique thing about the programs is that we have program coordinators assigned for programs at our campuses. In addition, we have practicum and observation hours that student spends and are evaluated on during the course of their programs. So if anyone is interested in the program and you know that they like to enter the work force please contact us on our toll free number.

Social work program

We would like to advise our graduates and new students that when you complete the foundations Social work program that your can further specialize in working with you or additions. Also, if you wish to do a professional social work program it would entail both the specialization fields.


Hello,  We would like to inform our students that we have ample resources for our students to get the right jobs and opportunities. So please give us a call on our phone. We are located right beside the gateway station in Surrey, British Columbia. 

Christmas Party

Hello, we recently had a Christmas party, which was a huge success. Staff and faculty members from VaCC and CDI both attended the event. On this note, we like to share a photo from the party for everyone. Happy holidays!


We have a stocking stuffer contest on going this month. Nominations end at 5 pm on December 19th, 2019. All you need to go the Vancouver Career College page on Instagram, twitter or Facebook, tag your loved one, and write a few lines about why you think they should win and receive the gift card. Than

Team, VaCC, Surrey

We like to share a photo of our adminstrative and admissions team. This wonderful photo was clicked at a recent Christmas party that was held this December. 

Potluck class get together

We like an opportunity to share a wonderful picture of Education Assistant program instructor Sneha and her students. Holidays are a wonderful time to connect and share quality time with loved ones. We wish everyone happy Holidays and a happy new year in advance. Thank you everyone!