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February 2020 Surrey Newsletter

Ghibli animation quote of the month. 


Valentine day
February 14, 2020

Hello , 

We wanted to let you know that there will be activites ongoing in classes to celebrate Valentine day. Please participate. 


Rhea Asiatico:Medical Office Assistant

Her average mark is outstanding! She has an excellent computer skills,  very helpful to everyone in the class. She has shown excellent leadership skills too and we are happy to have her with us. 


February month is an exciting month ! We are more closer to the summer and  the sun. 


Hello we all have photos we look back on and remember the good old memories of the time well spent with others. Here a photo of our 2019 graduation of our amazing instructor, 


Here a photo of our students. We all have moments where we feel tired, demotivated or palin uninterested. Its important to stay focused despite all the challenges to achieve any goal. 

2019 November grad

We love our students to stay connected to us not matter which field they have choosen or where they move to.


Here a photo of one of our students participating in a class activity in Education Assistant class. The theme for the class was "bring a kid". Kids bring joy to everyone irrespective of how closely they are related to others. Thank you for all the participation and time you dedicate. 

Element of excitement

With all the homework and hardwork there is always room to make friends and a element of excitement. Please maintain the work life balance and remember the cherish the moments you have with others whether it is within class, at your work place or in your personal space with friends and loved ones. 

Accounting program

We have a great instructor, Aziz  for accounting and payroll and office adminstration. Thank you for your dedication and persistence. 

Happy Valentines day :14th February, 2020

We like to wish everyone a happy Valentines day.

Narwhal one of the Arctic Animals

Narwhals are medium-sized whales who tend to spend the whole year in the arctic waters surrounding Russia, Greenland, and Canada.

We getting closer to Summer

For everyone who has migrated from a tropical place our heart goes out to you. This winter has been very cold and unpredictable. We wish and hope for a great summer in 2020.

India bakes world's longest cakes

A team of bakers in India broke a Guinness World Record with a cake by making a cake which is  17,388 feet long. 

Great Bear Rainforest

First nation has ancient village sites within the rainforest and people tend to go fishing here. A diverse collection of wildlife exists within these rainforest including salmon and,  black bear. 


British columbia is getting a lot of rain so please dress for the weather and be safe driving or walking on the roads. 

Snow warnings in affect


We are expecting some snow starting 4th of this month. Drive safe and dress warmly. 

Referral bonus

We just want to inform the students that we have a referral bonus offer ongoing. For more queries and questions, please reach out to the campus by phone or visit us.

Pink shirt day being celebrated this month

We have pink shirt day upcoming this February and the theme is "lift each other up". Please inform everyone you know to participate in the same and get your t-shirt too.


Celebrating Pink shirt day :February 26th, 2020

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