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October 2021 Surrey Newsletter

Embrace the beautiful colours! The season totally changed autumn. Leaves have changed colour green to orange and red. Have fun taking pictures, and don


October 31, 2021

Halloween brings out the ghouls and goblins, creatures, and strange folk. They come creeping about the neighbourhood seeking favours over trickery. People of all ages look forward to Halloween traditions.

National Stop Bullying Day
October 13, 2021

This annual designation promotes standing up against and put an end to bullying. No child should be afraid to ride a bus or go to school because a classmate threatens them.

Medical Assistants Recognition Day
October 20, 2021

Medical Assistants Recognition Day is observed on Wednesday of the third business week in October. One of the fastest-growing careers in the nation.


Campus Closed on Monday October 11, 2021

Our campus will be closed on Monday October 11, 2021 for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the long weekend!


Tag 2 friends in the comments that you'd share candy with and enter to win $50 worth of delicious snacks and Halloween candy each . Runs from Oct 20-31. Full contest details on our events page!


This year we're giving away treats and no tricks! The rules are simple: Tag two friends in the comments that you'd share candy with and enter to win $50 worth of delicious snacks and Halloween candy each from Amazon. Full contest details here.


October 11th is Thanksgiving Day. In Canada has been a holiday on the second Monday of October since 1957. Please spend time with your family and friends also, it is a chance for people to give thanks for a good harvest and other fortunes in the past year.

Brazilian Brigadeiro

The brigadeiro is a traditional Brazilian dessert. The origin of the dessert isn't certain, but the most common theory is that is was created by a confectioner from Rio de Janeiro, Heloisa Nabuco de Oliveira, to promote the presidential candidacy of Eduardo Gomes.


While being in school for a healthcare program can be overwhelming, balance can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes. Small changes can have a significant impact. Start implementing things like having a daily routine, a daily practice of writing in your journal, finding gratitude every day, etc.

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