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Main Connect News Prince Edward Island Pharmacists Campaign to Administer Vaccinations

Prince Edward Island Pharmacists Campaign to Administer Vaccinations

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pharmacists in Prince Edward Island (PEI) are campaigning for the legal right to administer vaccinations alongside their existing services to make their customers' lives easier, reports CBC News.

The PEI Pharmacy Board has formally requested provincial government grant them the right to give flu shots to compensate for a lack of doctors in the area. Other Canadian provinces currently permit pharmacists to administer vaccinations. Should the proposal be accepted, pharmacists would require additional training before becoming certified to administer shots.

"I just think that you would get much better service in certain areas by going to your pharmacist who's familiar with your history, your files, your drugs, than in walking into a clinic where the doctor really doesn't know your history, know who you are," Neila Auld, registrar of the PEI Pharmacy Board, told CBC News.

Such measures could be especially beneficial to the elderly population of the province. According to the Toronto Star, one-quarter of seniors in Canada are taking 10 or more medications. The convenience and accessibility of receiving vaccinations, particularly during the winter months, could potentially save lives.

This campaign highlights the changing role of pharmacists within Canada's evolving healthcare system. With their expanded workload, pharmacists have come to rely on pharmacy assistants and technicians to perform essential duties on the job. Students can pursue exciting careers in this growing industry by enrolling in the Pharmacy Assistant program at Vancouver Career College. To start training for your new career, fill out the form to your right.

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