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Main Connect News Mistakes to Avoid Before Accounting and Payroll Administrator Job Interviews

Mistakes to Avoid Before Accounting and Payroll Administrator Job Interviews

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mistakes are inevitable and no one is perfect, even on job interviews. Generally, employers keep this in mind when considering a candidates for job openings. However, certain types of mistakes can and should be avoided.

Whether it's chewing gum during an interview or stumbling over the name of the company, young professionals have committed every interview faux pas imaginable. Some errors are extreme: One hiring manager from told CareerBuilder Canada that a potential job candidate came in dressed in a Boy Scout uniform and did not inform anyone why he was dressed that way.

Although it may be clear to most young adults that dressing in costume or being late to an interview are sure ways to lose a job opportunity, other mistakes are extremely common and can also negatively impact a person's chances of landing a position. According to CareerBuilder's survey of hiring managers across Canada, 77 percent of recruiters have seen candidates answer cell phone or text during an interview. And, 72 percent reported candidates who were inappropriately dressed for a job interview.

Accounting and payroll administrator students getting ready to apply for jobs can practice wearing business attire and acting professional inside the classroom at Vancouver Career College. For more information on the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program, fill out the form on the right.

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