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Main Connect News Practical Nurses Need to Practice Good Nail Care

Practical Nurses Need to Practice Good Nail Care

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Personal hygiene is important in the healthcare field for a number of reasons. Nurses, doctors and other medical personnel handle patients in fragile health as well as equipment that must be clean and sterile at all times. Good hygiene habits will help ensure they avoid passing along infection to their patients.

Hands and fingernails are two areas that are most susceptible to spreading bacteria and infections. As a general rule, nurses are supposed to keep their nails as short as their nail beds, which also means that they cannot wear artificial nails. While this rule is strongly implemented during the training process, some professionals overlook the importance as they get further into their careers. By paying close attention to the cleanliness of their nails, nurses can not only protect their patients from diseases, they can maintain their own health and safety as well.

Practical nurses have a lot of direct contact with their patients throughout their daily routine. Changing bandages and giving injections are common tasks, and when their nails are longer, they risk scratching or bruising their patients and causing injuries that are easily preventable.

Ultimately, the best way to avoid causing or suffering from any bacterial diseases is to keep nails as short and clean as possible at all times. When students at Vancouver Career College start their practicum as part of the Practical Nursing program, they may also have to abide by rules such as this health policy. To learn more about the program, fill out the form on the right.

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