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Main Connect News Start the School Year Right with the Best iPad Apps

Start the School Year Right with the Best iPad Apps

Thursday, October 4, 2012

When students use iPads in the classroom, there is no question that they can take advantage of numerous apps that help them stay on track. Whether they're pursuing legal, healthcare or business careers, students can make use of their iPad's capabilities, and fortunately, a great deal of the apps catered to college students are free to download.

Here are a handful of apps that students should track down ito help shape an organized and successful college experience.

This free app makes prepping for quizzes and midterms a breeze, as students can create customized flashcards for speedy studying. Paralegal students can browse through the app's pre-made decks to see if a relevant subject covers the material they need, but the best way to study is to fill in specific information based on the student's textbook or notes from lectures. After inputting the test card information, students can quiz themselves by flipping virtually through each card with a swipe of a finger. The tool is also helpful when students are looking to study with friends, as they can easily pass the iPad around the group and take turns testing each other on terminology and other study topics.

Some classes require group collaboration, and managing a project with a number of other students can be confusing. The app Trello helps combat these worries by creating a shared whiteboard that updates itself for all users immediately after changes are made. The app gives students space to create checklists, rough ideas, and actions currently in the making so that no thought goes overlooked and everyone can participate when the idea or opportunity arises. Similar to using Google Documents or Calendar on a computer, this app centralizes one group's project in a single space that they can each control equally.

Students in paralegal programs may have to write lengthy, complex research papers with a list of references nearly as long as the actual essay. To make the bibliography process a bit easier, the EasyBib app creates accurate citations in accordance with a number of different styles, including MLA, AP and Chicago. Students simply have to scan the barcode or type in the name of the books referenced in their essays, and the appropriate information will pop up on their iPad screen. This free app completes an assignment that would have taken students in past decades hours to finish.

Those who are interested in enrolling in paralegal courses can look into the program at Vancouver Career College. Find out more information by filling out the form on the right.

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