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Main Connect News Attention to Detail and Administrative Skills Could Lead to a Pharmaceutical Career

Attention to Detail and Administrative Skills Could Lead to a Pharmaceutical Career

Friday, November 9, 2012

One of the top factors that helps students build bright futures is the pursuit of careers in fields that they are passionate about. That decision is only half of the battle, though. Next, young adults have to determine which roles would be ideal for them within the given industry.

Students who grew up knowing they wanted to work in the medical field may find themselves wondering if they should pursue practical nursing,  community healthcare or pharmacy assisting. By identifying particular areas of interest, passions and natural skills, students can help themselves visualize exactly what their future holds.

Those who recognize strengths in attentiveness to detail, adept memorization of intricate terminology and strong administrative skills could potentially have a promising career as a pharmacy assistant. With job opportunities at drug stores, health clinics and grocery store pharmacies, students may have a good chance of finding employment after graduation. The workers will be able to learn the trade from a skilled pharmacist and ultimately decide if they'd like to further their education toward the pursuit of a higher pharmaceutical role.

One of the best places to take courses in the field is at Vancouver Career College through the Pharmacy Assistant program. To begin enrollment, fill out the form on the right.

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