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Main Connect News Job Interviews: What To Know Beforehand

Job Interviews: What To Know Beforehand

Monday, November 19, 2012

Job seekers need to make an impression on employers before landing a job. An interview is probably the first time that an employer is meeting aspiring professionals - and likely the last before they are forced to make a final decision - candidates will need to ensure they stick out. In order to highlight their strengths and appear like a capable worker, individuals should be prepared to answer tough questions while also backing up their claims.

Career expert Dan Schawbel tells prospective job seekers s to be prepared to prove their worth in an interview setting.

"Treat a job interview like you're trying to win over a client," Schawbel told The Financial Post. "You need to eliminate risk for the employer. Why would they want to hire somebody they're not 1,000 percent sure about?"

To make a positive and last impressing during the hiring process, follow some tips for having a strong interview.

Back Up Your Claims with Examples
During an interview, there is a strong chance that you'll will be asked about your strengths and past experience. Have key situations that can be used as examples of leadership and problem solving, among other qualities. Creative types should bring along a portfolio or electronic collection of past work, while professionals in any field can have material from your career training program back up your claims.

Have a Professional Reference
Forming relationships and networking are great ways to find opportunities in any field. Students should try to work together with teachers to gain insight into an industry and gain a reference. Not only can instructors and other acquaintances help connect students with job opportunities, but they can also provide proof that individuals understand concepts and have made efforts to gain skills within the industry.

Provide a Business Card
Having a business card is by no means a necessity, but it an advantage that can separate prospective hires from other students. Schawbel claims most employers don't expect job seekers to come with a business card, but investing in one can help to appear professional. As an added bonus, the right card can be used throughout the beginning stages of a career and is good for interaction with customers, clients and other businesses.               

A solid education also helps when looking to land a job. Focused career training like the pharmacy assistant courses in the Pharmacy Assistant program at Vancouver Career College can help students acquire the the skills and knowledge they need to excel on the job. For more information about training to become a pharmacy assistant, fill out the form on the right.

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