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Main Connect News Your Mentor Doesn't Have to be Your Best Friend

Your Mentor Doesn't Have to be Your Best Friend

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Most students in college or looking to go back to school could use a little help with their career decisions. Whether they're making a big professional switch or are just looking to pick up some more industry skills, having someone to listen to for job advice can be essential to making sure students have chosen the right path for them. The question is, to whom should they turn for these words of wisdom?

Someone they do not particularly care for, surprisingly enough.

Online marketing expert Joanna Lord told Entrepreneur.com that one of the primary rules of finding a mentor is that it doesn't have to be someone you love working with. In fact, it can be more beneficial to make a mentor match with a colleague that you don't particularly get along with.

When a professional has to work on a relationship that isn't exactly smooth in the beginning, it can help them fine tune their communication skills and make them stronger individuals, especially in terms of collaborative projects.

Another approach is finding someone at the same professional level as you.

When you enroll in courses in your particular field, such as nursing, you may potentially meet dozens of like-minded peers who may have already spent years working in the healthcare sector, are just starting out their careers or are starting over after time in accounting or law. Taking time to build relationships with these individuals can help in the long run with developing valuable connections and pushing each other's motivation to pick up new skills or apply to a job that may seem slightly out of reach.

Because each peer understands what the other is going through, it creates a safe place to share job fears or concerns with others that might be wondering the same things.

When you think you might have found the right person, consider setting up a casual meeting with the candidate.

The person who caught your attention professionally might appreciate meeting you one-on-one before agreeing to help you along your process of becoming a practical nurse. Whether at a coffee shop, your kitchen or a building on your college campus, make sure that the spot you choose is comfortable for both of you and allows you to speak freely without disturbances.

Students who are ready to begin their careers in nursing and find peers to help them along the way can enroll in healthcare courses at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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