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Main Connect News Mentors Can Help Students Prepare for the Workplace

Mentors Can Help Students Prepare for the Workplace

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

While many of the skills necessary for long-term career success only come with experience, there are ways for workers to learn some common sense or life lessons early on. Mentors can help students get started on the right foot. Whether they're employers, teachers or advisers, mentors can make a difference to those starting out in new careers.

The Financial Post reports that there are certain lessons employees must learn before they can succeed in their jobs, and many deal with the balancing of emotions as they make their way up the corporate ladder. The feelings of excitement, pride and nervousness that workers begin a new job with can turn into complacency or arrogance as they spend more time in a position, and ultimately this change could be detrimental to their career.

One way to combat this progression is to utilize a mentor, who can share his or her personal experiences to teach the new worker about the changes and hurdles that often pop up over the course of a career. Mentors also can lead by example, giving individuals an inside look at strategies that can help them succeed in the workplace. Not all of these lessons will be easy to pass on, but they may be vital for longevity in a certain field.

"The harder message to teach will be reminding these young professionals that any hint of a negative attitude could hinder their ability to stave off being downsized when an organization finds itself in those difficult circumstances where jobs need to be lost," Warren Bongard says in the Financial Post. "... [But] it is critical that the young professional witness first hand what it takes to be flexible and adaptable."

Teachers or educational advisers are in a unique position to help students, as they know how specific ideas from the classroom can relate to real-world situations. People studying nursing at a Vancouver college have the opportunity to ask their teachers for advice or personal stories that could help when on the job, preparing them for what to expect in the field and how to stay on top of their responsibilities.

Students who are interested in pursuing healthcare careers can enroll in practical nursing courses at Vancouver Career College. For more information, fill out the form on the right

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