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Main Connect News BC’s Labour Market Outlook Forecasts over a Million Jobs within a Decade

BC’s Labour Market Outlook Forecasts over a Million Jobs within a Decade

Friday, April 8, 2022

Are you a current student or job seeker and worried about job opportunities in the future?


BC’s latest Labour Market Outlook (LMO) forecasts have some optimistic news in store for you! The report predicts over a million job openings within the next decade. This will create more opportunities for students and jobseekers to develop and polish their skills and find rewarding jobs.


What is LMO?


The LMO is a 10-year forecast that helps businesses and the government allocate their resources with the future workforce in mind. It also gives BC residents the opportunity to access up-to-date information to aid their decision-making about future career paths. The LMO utilizes data derived from official departments such as the BC Ministry of Finance, BC Stats, and Statistics Canada. A list of high-opportunity occupations is generated by monitoring for factors such as expected job opportunities, expected and current labour market tightness, and current wage rates.




The LMO predicts that the largest number of job openings are expected in the healthcare, social assistance, and education industries. Many of these openings will be in service provider areas such as early childhood education, counselling, child protection and community housing, and food services.


Science and technology jobs will also be in high demand with 111,000 projected job openings. An additional 85,000 job openings are expected in skilled trades, which offer careers ranging from plumbers and electricians to bus drivers and custodians.


A detailed overview of the 10-year forecast can be viewed in the LMO report.


How Vancouver Career College Can Help


According to the forecast, nearly 80% of the job openings will require some level of career training or post-secondary education.


In order to keep up with these job prerequisites, the resident workforce and future job seekers will need to update their skills and knowledge to match the job openings forecast.


At Vancouver Career College, it is our goal to equip our students with the specific skill sets and applied knowledge to take advantage of these opportunities.

We offer accelerated, hands-on training in a wide range of areas across multiple campuses across BC. You can check out our programs and choose the career path that is right for you! Get to Where You Want to Go, With Vancouver Career College.

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