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Main Connect News Ace the CTCMA Exam and Launch Your Acupuncture Career!

Ace the CTCMA Exam and Launch Your Acupuncture Career!

Friday, May 3, 2024

Considering a career that promotes well-being and empowers others? Acupuncture might be the perfect fit! This ancient practice, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, focuses on balancing the body's energy flow to alleviate pain, improve overall health, and enhance well-being. 


What to Expect from a Career in Acupuncture 


A career in Acupuncture offers the satisfaction of helping others and the potential for a fulfilling work-life balance. Many acupuncturists enjoy flexible schedules and the opportunity to create a practice environment that reflects their values. 


Vancouver Career College can equip you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this rewarding field. 


Becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist in BC 


Graduates must pass the Canadian Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (CTCMA) exam. Vancouver Career College’s program provides a strong foundation for exam success. Here's a breakdown of the licensing process: 


  • University Degree Holders: If you possess a university degree (in any field!), you can take the CTCMA exam directly in BC. 

  • Vancouver Career College Diploma Graduates: Vancouver Career College graduates can write the exam in Alberta or Ontario and then transfer their license to practice in BC upon passing. 


High Pass Rates & Promising Careers: How Vancouver Career College Helps You to Launch Your Acupuncture Career 


Along with Traditional Chinese Medicine subjects such as philosophy, meridians and acupoints, students learn about physiology, anatomy, microbiology, and Western Medical diagnosis. 


Students also get to observe the operations of a TCM clinic through their supervised Clinical Placements. They gain hands-on experience in clinical skills such as interviewing patients, diagnosis, treatment, and formulating herbal prescriptions. 


Vancouver Career College maintains impressive pass rates for the CTCMA exam, with a 100% success rate for graduates of the English program and a 70-80% pass rate for the Mandarin program.  


Ready to take the first step? Together, let’s unlock your potential in Acupuncture!  


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